Founded in 2005, Genius Garden provides a relaxed, pleasant and caring learning environment, leading students to find the joy of learning English, Chinese, and making learning more effective.


The school focuses on creating exam courses suitable for Hong Kong students for the Cambridge English exam and Mandarin GAPSK exam. It has also become the official venue for the Cambridge English exam and GAPSK exam for many years.


The course director of our school has many years of teaching experience. With his rich experience, he has a deep understanding of the common problems of Hong Kong people in learning English. Therefore, he has developed a series of teaching materials. Through practical teaching mode , students can easily correct normal mistakes and gradually improve English listening. The ability to speak, read, and write can easily control the application of English in the aspects of further education, immigration, and work.


We understand that every student will encounter different difficulties in language learning, so we are always ready to consult with each student and parent and listen carefully to your needs, and formulate the most effective learning method.


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